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Tracker AI is the ultimate multi-chain portfolio tracking solution. Simply paste your wallet address into the Telegram bot, and you’ll instantly access all the tokens within your wallet. The days of wondering which wallet holds which token are behind us. Tracker AI displays all your tokens and their respective values - Show More

Tracker AI Bot
AI Tracker Features

How It Works

Portfolio Tracking and Management

Portfolio Tracking and Management

Monitor all the coins/tokens across multiple wallets and various blockchains effortlessly. Customize your portfolio view by choosing to display tokens that meet specific criteria, such as a minimum value threshold— for example, showing only tokens valued above $10. This approach helps streamline your overview and eliminates clutter from spam tokens.

Wallet Manager

Wallet Manager

Organize your wallets as "My Wallet" or "Stalked Wallet" with Tracker AI's user-friendly interface, enabling easy addition, renaming, and deletion. No need to import private keys or seed phrases; simply provide the wallet address. The same applies to any wallet you wish to monitor.

KOLs' Portfolio Tracking

KOLs' Portfolio Tracking

Keep tabs on Key Opinion Leaders' holdings across multiple chains by inputting their wallet addresses. You can also manage monitored wallets within the bot's wallet manager.

Multi-Chain Portfolio Tracking

Tracker AI use cases

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portfolio tracking

Tracker AI Bot offers comprehensive portfolio tracking capabilities, allowing you to effectively monitor your investments.

consolidate and assess

With Tracker AI Bot, you can conveniently consolidate and assess the total value of your tokens across multiple wallets and blockchains.

monitor wallets

Utilize Tracker AI Bot to monitor other individuals' wallets, enabling you to track the portfolios of your favorite Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

collective monitoring

Additionally, Tracker AI Bot supports usage in both public and private groups, facilitating collective wallet monitoring among group members.

Easily showcase

For those keen on flaunting their impressive portfolios, this bot is your ideal companion. Easily showcase your portfolio by forwarding the message from the bot to different private groups or channels.

monitoring the performance

Our integrated AI assists in monitoring the performance of your coins and provides recommendations on whether to capitalize on profits or mitigate losses.

The Road Ahead


Phase 1

  • - Website and Bot development
  • - Token Launch
  • - Bot launch and integration in group chats
  • - Onboarding longterm KOLs

Phase 2

  • - Integrate Premium features
  • - Add more blockchains
  • - Achieve over 20,000 active users

Phase 3

  • - Start generating revenue from ads
  • - Share revenue with holders
  • - Initiate a bot referral program to expand the user base.
  • - Achieve over 70,000 users
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Tracker AI



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